Antigravity Fitness

When I saw a Facebook post over a year ago of a friend suspending in a hammock, I immediately knew I had to find out what it was all about.  That’s when I decided to try Fighting Gravity Fitness, Richmond, VA’s first Antigravity Fitness Studio, owned by Audrey Bonafe. Anything that is new and looks like a lot of fun, I’m in, especially if it has to do with health and fitness.  I am a Gemini with a curious mind and a wild heart❤️ and I am always looking for the next new thing! Anything that relaxes, stretches, tones and challenges the body makes my mind feel more positive and fuels my energy levels.  After getting bored with the standard workout routine, which I am sure many of you can relate to,  sometimes you need to switch it up and try a new class. 

My first time taking the Fundamentals I class, I went in with a daredevil attitude. I just wanted to know how to do that bat pose I saw on a post.  I knew this class would be the perfect experiment because it combines 2 of my favorite types of fitness – yoga and gymnastics. Having done my research before going into class, I kind of knew what to expect. I knew that the class would involve hanging upside down and suspending in the air, which I was super excited to try. 

The newest class I tried Flips and Tricks, a 2 hour workshop was an absolute blast!  The instructors were all very enthusiastic and thorough with helping everyone step by step gain the confidence to do any trick or flip safely.  This was such an exhilarating class with such a happy and fun group of people. They make everything seem effortless and demonstrate that anything is possible. You just have to learn to trust and let go!  Here’s our class going for the cowboy flip!!!

So to give you a little bit on the background, Antigravity Fitness is a New York based fitness company founded by Christopher Harrison in 2007. It’s a combination of Yoga, Ballet Barre, Pilates, Gymnastics exercises and strength training techniques. You gain so many amazing health benefits from taking a class:

  • Decompress your spine and tight joints
  • Strengthen and tone your body
  • Get a healthy dose of happy chemicals to your brain from hanging upside down
  • Feel taller- It lengthens your body
  • Balance strength and flexibility
  • Gain self esteem

If you are interested in trying out an Antigravity class but are afraid, don’t be. The silk hammocks are very safe, so strong they can hold up to 1,000 lbs, the weight of an elephant. If you bend you will not break, and the hammock will support you.  Just listen to your instructors guidance and stay in tune with yourself.  You will learn that you can push your body beyond limits you thought were possible all while laughing with everyone else who is trying to figure out how to do the inversions and poses.  I will warn you though that you may be a little sore afterwards, as your body might not be used to the compression caused by the hammock on certain places of your body like your hip flexors. But you will get used to it if you come more often. It actually is very beneficial because it’s like getting a deep tissue massage, which can help relieve pressure in your muscles.

Fitness should be fun! The best part about the ending of any of the Antigravity classes compared to standard yoga classes is the savasanna where you go into cocoon pose.  You get to enclose your whole self into your own little world stretched out inside the hammock suspending or flying in the air, after an energetic workout to let all of the endorphins and energy flow through your body.  I promise you will walk out of class feeling happier, taller, more confident and more relaxed.


“If you can ‘suspend your disbelief’, I can bring you to better health and less pain, allow you to feel the joy of flying and actually increase your physical height — in just one session”.  

Check out the class schedule at Fighting Gravity Fitness… many more classes offered at this studio and newer ones to come!


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